Rahab's profession

At Large Group on Sunday, some of you may have noticed that Amy gently touched on, but didn't focus on the subject of Rahab's profession. Were you a little curious as to why this was?

There's a debate floating around in the circles of people who like to debate this sort of thing as to whether Rahab was a prostitute, a hotel owner, or a HO-tel owner (ie. madam). I'm not scholar enough to settle this debate or try a hand at arguing a case, but it opens up an interesting question for us.

Why do we focus on Rahab's profession?

I have a couple of theories that will be developed in later posts.

First, we are fascinated by sex; anything that has to do with sex will get our attentions, even if it has little to do with the story. Second, sexual sin is considered (with some, but not a lot, of wisdom) to be the biggest, baddest sin. Third, we naturally shy away from difficult subjects (like racial reconciliation and God-sanctioned genocide). Fourth, this story contains both racial reconciliation and God-sanctioned genocide, more difficult and less sexy topics than prostitution. Lastly, this story seems disconnected from our story, so we focus on whatever captures our attention first (and that's prostitution).


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