Partnership in mission

This past Sunday, Scott and Susan left us with a lot of great material to think about and work through in our conversation on missions.

The most challenging questions for me in the talk were: "What does it look like for missions to be personal as well as programatic? How can we engage the people we serve as partners rather than just as participants? How can we build something that lasts?"

In these questions, you really get a sense that the Dittmans love people more than ministry. And in loving Vincentians, I think that the Dittmans have provided us with an excellent glimpse of the effect that the gospel has on the way that we serve.

Have you ever taken time to ask how the gospel influences the way you serve people? It fills the Dittmans' above questions and runs all through the Epistles (especially Philippians). Check out Paul's prayer to the Philippians in Chapter 1 and see if you see any connections to the attitude the Dittmans talked about on Sunday.

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