Equality without difference

I made a random comment during the Apologetic Moment last night that got some confused looks. I think I said something like "You can't have equality without difference."

What I meant was this:

There's a temptation, when talking about equality and pushing for equality, to settle for sameness. "If you want to be equal to me, you have to be more like me." This line of reason is especially difficult in gender relations and theology.

In gender relations, if equality requires absolute sameness, then the push has to be toward some sort of gender-neutrality, which tends to emasculate masculinity and defeminize femininity.

In theology, you lose the mystery of the Trinity and the uniqueness of our faith.

It is this fact that we are equal even with our differences, united by God's grace, that Paul finds so amazing in Ephesians. He can't talk much about God's grace toward us without talking about our unity in Him. And these ideas of equality and unity make no sense unless God Himself has created, approved of, and is glorified by some of our differences and diversity.

Equality without difference is mere sameness. God is glorified in that He experiences and creates equality with difference, unity with diversity.

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