Is there such a thing as an incorrect perspective of Scripture?

In the Perspective talk, I outlined the "perspective as landscape" idea mentioned in Santa Biblia by Justo Gonzalez. I won't review it all here, but one of his points bears repeating. Although we each have different perspectives on the landscape, we're looking at the same landscape. Do you remember that?

When I'm talking about perspective, I'm talking about how who we are influences our understanding of Scripture. Because every human is unique, every human has a unique perspective if and when they approach Scripture, right? Although readers of Scripture have different perspectives, we know that they read the same Scripture. So, one might imagine that they come to the same basic conclusions when they read it? Well, do these different readers always agree as to the meaning of Scripture? Not hardly. In fact, people often disagree on what they are reading or understanding. In fact, sometimes they disagree in ways that really seem irreconcilable.

So, where does this leave us with our question?

Well...I think this question circles back to a deeper, more fundamental question: are people flawed? If people are flawed, corrupted in some deep and meaningful ways, then it would make sense that their perspectives on Scripture are, at times, flawed. Remember, perspective is about how who we are influences our ability to see things. If who we are is 'flawed,' then our ability to see things will be 'flawed' as well.

And this is one reason why perspective is so important. By utilizing the various perspectives available in the church, we can, in part, work around our flawed individual perspectives and receive correction when our flaws lead us hermeneutically astray.

The slavery example from the original question illustrates this nicely. But that will have to wait for another post.

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