Some more thoughts on praying before eating...

Scott Dittman sent this over this morning. He always has great thoughts and great quotes.

"Although we ought always to raise our minds upwards towards God, and
pray without ceasing,
yet such is our weakness, which requires to be supported,
such our torpor, which requires to be stimulated,
that it is requisite for us to appoint special hours for this exercise, hours which are not to pass away without prayer, and during which the whole affections of our minds are to be completely occupied; namely,
when we rise in the morning,
before we commence our daily work,
when we sit down to food,
when by the blessing of God we have taken it, and
when we retire to rest.
This, however, must not be a superstitious observance of hours, by which, as it were, performing a task to God, we think we are discharged as to other hours. It should rather be considered a discipline by which our weakness is exercised and stimulated."
... John Calvin, The Institutes of the Christian Religion

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