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Why do Christians say 'Amen'? Have you ever wondered that?

'Amen' means literally "it is true" or "so be it." It can also be used as "well said" or "I agree." Lots of Christians treat it like it means "the end." It's kinda quirky, right?

For more information on the origin of the word, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amen

So, why say 'Amen'? Here're 5 reasons.

5) It connects us to our history and our ancient roots
4) In corporate settings, it cuts down on the audience/performer tendency
3) In prayer, it reminds us that talking to God is a special privilege
2) It sounds cool...c'mon that's why we say a lot of what we say
1) Jesus said it (Matthew 6:13)

On a side note, as someone who speaks and preaches a lot, I love having people say 'Amen' when I say something true, powerful, or relevant. As someone who often leads groups in prayer, I love having people say 'Amen' as we finish praying. So, with GCF, don't not say 'Amen' because you don't want to annoy me (double negatives? oh no).

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