Ancient Church Father's quote on the Incarnation

This is from Irenaeus's Against Heresy:

For it was for this end that the Word of God was made man,
and He who was the Son of God became the Son of man,
that man, having been taken into the Word, and receiving the adoption,
might become the son of God.
For by no other means could we have attained to
incorruptibility and immortality,
unless we had been united to
incorruptibility and immortality.
But how could we be joined to
incorruptibility and immortality,
unless, first,
incorruptibility and immortality
had become that which we also are,
so that the corruptible might be swallowed up by incorruptibility,
and the mortal by immortality,
that we might receive the adoption of sons?
(Book 3, Chapter 19)