That mysterious-obscure image

So, some of you may remember this mysterious image from last year, but I'll take a minute to explain it because I find it really helpful for my Small-Group-thinking. Essentially, this image captures a bit of what a Small Group is and does.

I stole the image from the great Jimmy Long (but I think he still has the original).

Central to a Small Group - and at the center of the image as the 'G' - is God. A Small Group without God is a hollow and empty thing.

A Small Group is a community centered on God, hence the 'C'-ring. God is present in this community. How wonderful! How amazing!

God's presence in a Small Group community provokes different responses. Small Group communities dive deep into the Bible ('B'), rejoice in who God is and what God has done through Prayer and Worship ('P & W'), and move forward into the world though Evangelism and Witness ('E & W').

That God would continue to be present in our communities, calling out our response is astounding to me. Thank you, God!

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Hopes for next year?

What are you all hoping to see happen in your Small Groups next year?

For me, I'd really love to see a community develop. I'd love to see several guys grow in their faith and get involved in GCF. I'd also love to see a couple of guys become Christians.

Images of Small Groups

When you picture a
Small Group... what do you see?