Formula vs. Relationship

Chris gave an excellent talk this past Sunday from John 3. If you missed it, you missed a great one. (For those of you who do not know him, Chris is a Junior this year and is coordinating our Large Group meetings for GCF this year)

As he was sharing, he made some excellent comments about a theme we have been touching on over and over again in GCF. So often in the Christian life, when we encounter God, we expect our primary interaction with him to involve him giving us a moral system. And Christianity does eventually provide you with a moral system; as one theologian said - Any religion that does not tell you what to do with your genitals and pots and pans cannot be interesting. But a moral system is not primarily what we receive from Jesus.

I use the word primarily here very intentionally, hoping to call up the many angles the word implies. A moral system is neither the first thing, nor the main thing that Jesus offers us. He offers us himself. He always offers us his very life, the depths and the riches of God. And this offering leads us away from the formulae of elder religiousity and into the life of God - Relationship. And what a difference this makes.

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