Quotes from last night

Lucas presented an excellent talk last night on the intersection of faith and politics. Enjoy these quotes as you reflect on his talk:

The purpose of Christianity is not to provide useful rules for living or organizational schemes.  From the perspective of salvation, how the world is organized is not of major importance.  Of course it is fine for human beings to organize the world, but this is a fallen world and redemption is not tied to our organization of it.  Consequently God’s work, which is from the beginning the work of redemption, cannot in any detail be expressed by social, economic or other worldly organization.  We cannot extract any system from God’s revelation without twisting the texts and coming up with unwarranted conclusions because redemption is not a system.
Jacques Ellul, Money & Power

I am afraid that the more faithful we are to our identity in Christ, the less reliable they will find us even as occasional allies; and we must be honest with them.
J. Budziszewski “The Problem with Conservatism,”
First Things

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