Don't rush through Rush!

Tired feet drag along the Colonnade. Students go to class, but struggle to pay attention. Their minds drift, replaying last night's conversations. All 100 of them.

How can someone have 100 conversations in one night? Contact evangelism? Speed dating? Bartending? All of these seem like possibilities, but that's not what folks spent last night doing. This week is Rush Week (aka Formal Greek Recruitment Week). Rush week has taken a friendly, highly-relational campus community and made it...even more friendly?

Authentic connection seems rare during Rush. As people move from conversation to conversation, rushing from house to house - literally rushing - something happens. Rush stirs up our longing for deep relationship.

That longing - the longing for deep, authentic relationship - should resonate with us as Christians. This longing is stirred for us during worship, during silent retreats, during times of trial and temptation. God meets us in our longing, at the point of our longing. In our loneliness, God gives us himself and his church. This is what we have. This is what we extend to our friends.

So, don't rush through Rush! In all of your 100 conversations, you have an opportunity to extend to your new, potential friends a much-missed authenticity. You might have opportunities to present the gospel. You might have opportunities to listen in a Christ-like way. You might have opportunities to pray. Keep your eyes open. Don't rush through Rush!


  1. Meghan8:53 PM

    Amen!!!! I apologize for having been completely out of touch, but your face popped up on my facebook and I went to the blog and was so excited to read that you're continuing the ministry to Greeks. Rush week was probably the toughest week for me since orientation to be away from W&L. But of course, that struggle did bring me closer to God as I was praying mightily for the campus, my sisters, and the W&L freshmen for whom I've "only" been able to pray this fall, not being there in person and all... So yes, God loves Greeks!!

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Amen...Mrs. Freeman :)