Prayers from Mock Convention (pt. 2)

Gracious God,

Thank you for the opportunity we've had here today. While we've been working this morning, we trust that you have been at work in us and in the world. Thank you, God.

We want to see change. We want to join you in changing this country and the world. But who are we to do this?

Are we people who will act justly
or people who will do anything for victory?
Are we people who will love mercy
or people who will seek power?
Are we people who will walk humbly before you, God,
or people who will strive against you to the bitter end?

The results are not final and none of us yet know who we will be. But we know who we want to be.

Gracious God, as we leave this convention, guide us to the Way, the Truth and the Life that will lead to justice, mercy and humility.

Keep us safe and make us holy.

Thank you, God.

In your great name we pray,

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