What happened to Work?

A horrible crime has been committed. Our relationship to work has been vandalized. I currently have three persons of interest (ie. suspects). Who should I investigate more intently?

My Current Persons of Interest:
- Technology
- Politics
- The Fall

Technology (height: shorter; weight: lighter)

Is technology behind the vandalization of our work?

New technologies give us tighter connections to the world around us. Think about how Facebook and Blackboard influence the way you do your school-work. Blackberries, cellphones and even pagers fill the working world. We can work anywhere, but now work follows us everywhere. Through technological ever-presence, work invades our lives.

The impact of technology on work extends to the macro-level as well. Technology has brought about big changes in the way the global labor market works. Jobs for humans have been replaced by machines. Jobs require more training, more specialization, more work-before-the-work. And so work has become more complicated and - for many - less rewarding.

Work invades our lives in new and more complicated ways every day. But the broken relationship to work is not limited to brilliant college students in rural Virginia in 2008. Places in the world without our technology feel this breakage. People throughout history have felt this breakage. The problem goes deeper and has been around longer. Technology may be a conspirator, an accessory to the crime even, but not the mastermind.

Politics (both right and left handed)
...Is the government not doing enough?
...Is the government doing too much?
...But there are problems with work across geography and history

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  1. Great Message. Enjoyed it. whish i could comment more but i have to get back to work...lol