Notes from Chaplain Park's Talk

Whenever Chaplain Park speaks at GCF, my notes always take a quote (rather than outline format). That being said, some of Chap's wise and helpful words include:

"What is it that distinguishes us from everyone else?"

"The presence of God, the Holy Spirit of God is our distinction (Ex 33:14, Mt 28:16-20)...Would it be like a loving Father to send us out alone?"

"What you have going on in you spills out. Relate to God and you will be witnesses. The more of God we have living in our souls, the more living we will have."

"If you had seen what they [the disciples] had seen, wouldn't you speak up? Would you be a witness? Why wait for the Holy Spirit then? Witness requires supernatural power."

"If you believe, you have the Holy Spirit; but don't be satisfied with a trickle when God offers you fountains, rivers of living water flowing up in you."

"Now, I'm not looking for a particular manifestation, but a supernatural one."

"Don't be afraid to receive this gift from God."

Notes from Dave's Talk

Last Sunday, Dave Shepley spoke on evangelism, using Rick Warren's reasons to live for the world. Here are his 5 points:

1. Your mission is a continuation of Christ’s mission
2. Your mission is a privilege
3. Telling others of eternal life is the best thing you can do for them.
4. Your mission has eternal significance.
5. Your mission gives your life meaning.

"The best use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it"
- William James