Humble accountability (pt. 3)

So, by tomorrow...I meant Saturday.

The body-language used in the Bible is both literal and metaphorical. God calls us to love, care for, worship, suffer patiently, and live in our physical bodies. He also calls us to participate in what he calls "The Body of Christ."

Now, what gets called "The Body of Christ" in the Bible also gets called "the fellowship" or "the Church". And one could just substitute in "Church" for many places where the Bible reads "Body of Christ". But this would be to rob the Bible of much of its richness and beauty.

What is God trying to communicate to us when he talks about the church as the body of Christ? has an excellent intro to the idea posted here, but I think a lot can be learned for the dual uses for the word "member". You can be a "member" of a fraternity, sorority, hall, class, club, most-wanted-list. Your body also has "members": arms, legs, appendages, etc...

We are called to be "members" of the body of Christ: to belong and to belong.

And this influences the way we approach accountability.

I am part of the same body as you, therefore I must hold you accountable. What you do influences me too!
I am part of the same body as you, therefore I must approach you with humility. What you do is my doing too!

Isn't that a wonderful, odd concept?

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