Humble accountability

We have the potential to offer our friends a great deal of help as they follow Jesus. In fact, I would offer that if we don't help each other, many of us will cease to follow Jesus wholeheartedly in the years to come.

Most people would agree with this idea. We need each other.

But for many people, college presents a time of divided and dividing life. We develop pockets of rebellion, closets of darkness, and subterranian caverns of habitual sin. This is especially true when one considers the arena of our sexuality. How many people do you know who are struggling with pornography? How many couples do you know whose private sexual relationships don't reflect their public convictions? How many quiet rationalizations rise up around us during this time?

We need people to de-privatize our lives, to pull us out of the shadows, to remind us that our sin is not truly hidden, not truly private, and not without consequence.

We need what had come to be called accountability. And the key to good accountability in this arena is clear thinking about bodies. I'll blog more on this tomorrow!

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