Street Cred notes

This past Sunday, Pastor Brad Mullinax spoke on about "Street Cred," pushing us to think about Jesus' credibility and how we reflect that in our own lives. Brad is the Pastor at Neriah Baptist Church here in Rockbridge County. He and his wife Bethany love Jesus and, wonderfully, love college students. Below are my notes from his talk:
How does our culture view Jesus?
- An accessory...something to use to make your life a little better
- be used when convenient, but tossed when costly (see politics)
- A be used in times of crisis, but tossed in times of calm

Our culture uses Jesus

Matthew 16:13ff..."What's my street cred?"...urgency, revelation, this stuff will change your life

2 Corinthians 2:17...fragrance of life, fragrance of death...temptation to water-down for acceptance

2 Timothy 4:1-5...everyone to listen to this, have an answer not an argument, tell a's about both life and proclamation

You are here for a reason!

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