Audio from this Sunday's talk: A Christian Perspective on Abortion

Thanks so much for all the encouragement you've given me on this talk. I'm sorry there wasn't time for questions at the end, but I'd be happy to dialogue with you if God or I stirred anything up for you.

Here's the audio:

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  2. My thoughts on this aren't so much on the event of physical abortion.

    I like your emphasis on the Church being "ready for children" as a way of living our lives in expectation of blessing and responsibility. Abortion, then, is the ultimate way to say to God that "we are not ready for children", not ready for relationship or responsibility, not open to the surprises and difficulties and sacrifices which being a parent brings.

    This made me think about my own standing as a developing child of God, in a life and relationship pregnant with possibilities of love and development and learning about what God and his people want for my best growth. How often am I guilty of aborting that process, through preferring my own way of staying immature and aloof to God's desire for me to be closer to God and to the people around me?

    Life is already like grass - a gracious, temporary, gift. At times I try to cut the grass (or at least control its growth), asserting my own desire to be god-in-control of all my circumstances, rather than basking in the sun and rain of God's gracious hope for what I could be in him. The physical tragedy of aborting a new life is no worse than my interrupting my relationship with God and his people to assert my "rights".

    Thanks for your thoughtful words.