God's heart responds first and foremost to God

In this next chapter in the David story, we learn about worship. But not really about singing.

Worship is our whole-hearted response to God.

In 2 Samuel 6:12-23, David responds to God. The ark, the symbol of the presence of God is coming into Jerusalem and David worships. Leaping and dancing, David leads the worshippers, throwing his dignity aside before God the King.

And this presents us with a challenge. Do we respond, first and foremost, to God? Do we respond to him more than to other people, to culture, to our own wants and desires? This is not a challenge with a lot of nuance in it (I can think of some I'd like to add and might add later), but it's a challenge we need to receive as a community.

God's heart responds first and foremost to God. This worship, God-hearted people responding to God is what we need in GCF, on this campus and in this world.

Here's the audio from tonight's talk:


ps. here's the link to GCF's Leadership Application, if you're looking for it.

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