God's heart responds to betrayal with crazy love

All you have to do is live long enough and you will be hurt by other people.

In this David-story, King David responds to deep and bitter betrayal in a way that shows us God's heart: he responds with crazy love. Crazy love is love is love unexplainable, love that's not safe, love that's risky and wild.

When Ahitophel betrays David, David prays for him. When Shimei betrays David, David shows restraint. When Absalom betrays David, David laments. This constellation of kindness, mercy and grief is wildly different from our usual responses to betrayal: rage, revenge and exclusion. What would happen to the world if we showed crazy love every time we were hurt, let-down, disappointed, cheated and betrayed?

God loves us with a crazy love, despite our betrayals. This is the good news of Christ.

Here's the audio from this week's talk:


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