God's heart makes a meaningful commitment

David committed to be God's king.

Whole-heartedly, passionately, wildly...King David.

In tonight's story, David makes a huge mistake, but reveals God's heart in a beautiful way. Taking a census of all the fighting men in the kingdom would have ruined a lesser king, wrecked a lesser line, but God determined David to be made of better stuff. In his core, even as he messed up, David was a man after God's heart.

In tonight's talk, we explore "meaningful commitment," following the trail in 2 Samuel 24. We see meaningful commitment at play in community, flowing from trust, taking ownership and requiring sacrifice. Here's the audio from tonight's talk:


Educated beyond our obedience

Just read this quote from Chris James (http://duodigest.blogspot.com/). It just might connect with the idea for tomorrow night:

"The sadly funny thing is we've somehow become convinced that the best way to follow Jesus is to learn something new about God, when in fact, we'd be far better served to act upon one thing we have already "learned." You might say that the almost ignorant activists make better disciples than the learned philosophizers. And this is an indictment of me, as it is likely to be of you - who derive some pleasure from reading a blog about Jesus. :)"