Be honest about your commitment to God and God's people

I really struggle to be honest sometimes. I've unfortunately found that I can fake a deeper commitment to people and to God than I really have and that, most times, no one seems to notice. But I know that God desires better things for us.

Tonight's talk skipped around the Bible's introduction to Barnabas, a man who seems to be following me (in a sense) since the Beach Retreat during my Senior year at Duke. Barnabas' introduction comes as an illustration of what it would look like to live out the radical commitment to God and community talked about in Acts 4:32-35. Someone actually lived like this! His name was Joseph and he was re-named Barnabas.

Barnabas is contrasted with Ananias and Sapphira, who show up in Acts 5, a man and a woman who were not honest about their commitment to God and God's people. They, like me, hoped to benefit from the claim to commitment without experienceing the suffering and struggle and trial and hardship and sacrifice of actually living the committed Christian life in the midst of this wild community.

Check out tonight's Large Group talk and be honest about your commitment...
Barnabas (pt. 1)

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