Effective Faith

Here's Brad Mullinax's talk from Large Group this week:

What can I do to be a better Christian?
It takes practice to win.
Everyone wants to win when you're in the tunnel...
2 Peter 1:10ff
...if you practice these qualities, you will never fall (ie. become ineffective and unfruitful)
which qualities?

Faith - what? Heb 11:1
how? Rom 10:17 faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God
encounter the word of God

Virtue - what? excellence (sum of all desireable character qualities)
how? Jas 1:22-25
put feet to faith, make adjustments

Knowledge - what? knowing your reasons for faith and action
how? Proverbs 1 Fear of the Lord
get to know God a little more
the pursuit of knowledge without the fear of God can lead to some pretty awful things

Self-control - what? will-power over one's actions
how? drastic radical action Mt. 18:9/5:29

Godliness - what? abiding, allegiance Jn 15:4, 2 Tim 3:5
how? Holy Spirit Acts 1:8/2 Tim 1:7
people are going to expect power
Eph 4:29-31 confess sin

Brotherly affection - what? high esteem for others
how? Phil 2:3 humility is the key to unity

Love...affection that leads to self-sacrifice

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