Fighting for my love

I've been wondering today how discipline relates to status. How does our status as men and women who have been united to Christ and adopted as God's beloved does this status connect with the biblical call to "train wisely" (ie. discipline)?

There seem to be many ways to approach this, but one angle might be to ask: "What is God doing while we're training?"

I was sitting and praying about this today, avoiding the gym showers after a long workout, and I experienced this special moment of connection with God. I had my iPod on and a song came shuffled in: Fighting for my love by Nil Lara. I wonder if that phrase - "fighting for my love" - captures the essence of God's activity while I'm training.

It's so easy to abandon God-love while pursuing the way of discipline. Routine sets in and the checklists, well, they satisfy and substitute for real relationship (at least for a while).

That image of Lady Wisdom from Proverbs 9 was so vivid today. "Let all who are simple come in here! ... Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of understanding."

I think that God, like Lady Wisdom, invites and pursues (see Luke 14), fights for our love. And His fighting shapes our practice of "training wisely." We pursue discipline because it will help us love the One who loves us.

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