Five steps for Nathaniel

Notes from Ramez Atallah's exposition from John 1:43-46

"Evangelism is all about reaching out to your family and friends."

Five steps, five thresholds for Nathaniel
1) Skeptical - Nazareth? sarcastic and doubtful
2) Willing - Philip invites Nathaniel to "come and see"
3) Startled - instead of examining Jesus, Nathaniel finds himself known
----- literally, here is an Israelite in whom there is no Jacob (deceit)
4) Exposed - saw you under the fig tree, in your place of safety
5) Totally convinced - believes from the depths of his heart and makes a remarkable declaration

"You will see even more than this" - angels ascending and descending on Bethel, the house of God ---> they will descend and ascend on Jesus, the Messiah

God specializes in surprising people. Our mission is to take Jesus with us into our neighborhood, our families, and our friends.

Go and make known the One who knows you.

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