At conferences like Urbana, sometimes there are so many words and phrases coming at you that you can only grab ahold of a few. On top of that, some phrases grab back. You're grabbing phrases. Phrases are grabbing you.

Here're some of my grab-phrases from yesterday...

Marilyn Ramirez - a Latina student testimony
Giving with purpose, not just giving to give.
While I was at work in Kenya, God was at work in my family.

Cheryl Bear - a missionary to First Peoples in North America
"Kill the Indian, save the child."
The gospel was not given as a gift, but used as a tool of assimilation.
Be strongly Native and strongly Christian.

York Moore - one of InterVarsity's national evangelists
How could my Jesus be relevant in the light of these atrocities?
Preaching Christ and doing justice go hand in hand, you cannot fully do one without the other.

Rahab drama
Remember me.

Greg Jao - Urbana Emcee
I hope you're feeling this tension, the tension between a God who is sovereign and a God who is intimately connected to us, the tension between a sovereign God and the world's brokenness.

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