The Short Post

Mastering the art of the short post is essential for everyone who blogs regularly.

We all have nights like tonight, where we're just sitting down to the computer, our roommate is snoozing away and we have to be up for a 7:30 breakfast. Wisdom (remember her?) says "Go to bed," so I have to whip out The Short Post.

What hinders us from an incarnational ministry? What gets in the way?

Yesterday, Ramez, Shane and Oscar threw themselves at the task of scraping away the blinding crust from our eyes and digging out the waxy blockages that keep true words from reaching our hard hearts.

Our speakers targeted...
Alignments unchallenged.
Expectations unexamined.
Wealth unwatched.
Pride unchecked.
Power unfettered.
Privilege undenied.
Comfort inalienable.

All these prevent us from following the model of incarnation given to us by our God of grace and truth. They are why we compromise. They are why we fail. They are why I own a home in Buena Vista. Wonder about that? I'll explain later.

This is only The Short Post.

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