Sunday church feature: Abingdon Bible

We love and appreciate Abingdon Bible Church.

Amy became a Christian in ABC's Children's ministry and jumped into the mission field with their support. She learned to value Scripture under Pastor Greg's leadership. And this summer, when Jane was in the hospital and Amy and I were struggling for hope, Pastor Paul and Jane's Care Group were there for us. We think that Abingdon Bible is a special church, the sort of church you should look for when you're looking for a church.

Here are at least 3 special things that you'll find at ABC:

1) A commitment to God's Word: the
sermons are biblically-based and expositional, Sunday schools study Scripture, they wrestle deeply with God's Word.

2) A commitment to share the gospel with the whole world: they value evangelism, support missionaries, and really want people to come to know Jesus.

3) A commitment to community: their Care Groups engage God and each other, they pray for each other faithfully, and they love spending time together.

Churches like Abingdon Bible are intimately linked with our work on campus. They support us with prayer, personal encouragement, and financial support. And our hope is that the folks we get to work with will leave W&L and bless churches like these with their maturity and leadership.

God loves local churches, and so do we!

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