Training wisely, not trying harder

There is a huge difference between "trying harder" and "training wisely."

At Leaders' this week, we talked about this distinction. Many of us long to have a deeper relationship with God and a more disciplined spiritual life. We identify areas of sin and brokenness in our lives and resolve to turn from them. We single out areas of sin and brokenness in our communities and resolve to put an end to them.

And this is all good. But ill fated.

Our resolve falters and sin creeps back into our communities and into our lives. Our strength fails. We yo-yo. We try and try and try and give it our all and then collapse.

We need a better way.

The way of Christian discipleship is way of "training wisely." We take small, intentional steps toward transformation. Abby and Crystal and Salley are reading one Proverb a day. Just one. For now. That's how it works, that's how discipline always works. More on this later...

For a deeper discussion of Training vs. Trying see John Ortberg's chapter on the topic in The Life You've Always Wanted. And yes, Google Books is awesome.

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