Trust in the sovereignty of God (Patrick Fung and Greg Jao)

I love good interviews. One of the reasons I watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report is because, whatever else they are, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are great interviewers. In an interview, stuff comes out that wouldn't come out in a talk or a lecture or a sermon.

Last night, Greg Jao (Urbana's chief celebrity) interviewed Patrick Fung, the first-ever Chinese director of OMF. They talked about calling and family, God's global church and our need to trust in the sovereignty of God.

Calling and family
Greg fished a little bit for how Patrick (a succesful medical doctor) ended up on the mission field, first in Pakistan, then with OMF. Patrick told us that he had noticed in Scriputre early on in his walk with Jesus that none of Jesus' followers lived stable lives. This challenged Patrick and threatened the life-trajectory set in place by his family: get a stable job and marry a stable wife. Over the years, as Patrick honored his parents and took risks in missions, he said he saw "God's grace, not just in me, but in my parents."

God's global church
Greg asked a series of questions about learning: what can the church in the North America learn from the church in Asia? what can the church in Asia learn from the church in North America? Patrick said that the NA church could learn two things...
1) That suffering and joy can always go together
2) That God surprises us, that even without leadership or strategy or resources, God can grow his church

Trust in the sovereignty of God
One of the cornerstones of OMF and Hudson Taylor's ministry and, by extension, Patrick Fung's life is this phrase...
God's work done God's way will never lack God's supply

That's something we need to hear. If God really is sovereign, in control, ruling and reigning in the world and in history, we need to learn to trust him.

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