Urbana memories

Urbana is here again!

Over the next week, I'll be posting some highlights, as I hear them and as I can get to the computer.

Here're some teaching highlights from my previous Urbana experience...

At Urbana 2003, John Stott's talk was amazing. He was too ill to attend, so it was read by Joshua Wathanga, an IFES representative...
How then should we respond to the spirit of pluralism? I suggest with great humility and with no tinge of personal superiority, we must continue to affirm the uniqueness and finality of Jesus Christ. He is unique in his incarnation (the one and only God-man). He is unique in his atonement (only he has died for the sins of the world), and unique in his resurrection (for he has conquered death). And since in no other person but Jesus of Nazareth did God first become human (in his birth), then bear our sins (in his death) and then triumph over death (in his resurrection), he is uniquely competent to save. Nobody else possesses his qualifications. We may talk about Alexander the Great, Charles the Great and Napoleon the Great, but not Jesus the Great. Jesus is not the Great, he is the Only. Jesus has no rivals and Jesus has no successors.

At Urbana 2006, Oscar Muriu stunned us all with his talk on the Global Church. Two quotes, in particular, are burned in my memory:
The center Christianity has moved south.
If Western models of church are not working in the West and the church is in decline, should the church in the Two-Thirds world copy the models of the church in the West or embrace Western theology? If we do, will we not end up in the same problem? Could it be that to drink from the cup of Western theology is to drink from a poisoned chalice? This is a changing world in which you must go out in missions. Of necessity, because our world is changing, our models for mission must change.

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