Evangelist is a ten-letter word

After all this time thinking and writing about evangelism, my eyes are just drawn to words that start with "evangel."

Today was rough on that front. The title "Evangelist" was scattered and splattered all over the news. Apparently, an Evangelist had some "good news" for the hurting people of Haiti. This nifty shake-up will actually give them a great excuse to do some remodeling and, anyways, they asked for it (their great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents did something stupid and, God visits the sins of the parents onto the children, even to the eleventh generation (he doesn't actually do that, right?)(can you do parentheses in parentheses?)).

Why is it that every time a tragedy happens, someone with the title of "Evangelist" gets to say something confusing / stupid / unkind / weird / controversial as if they represent all Christians?

Guess what, friends? One week from tonight we'll be wrestling with God's call for us to become Evangelists. Get ready to say something crazy!

Seriously, though...why is it that when Jesus calls Peter, Andrew, James and John, he says he's going to make them Evangelists? Is he going to do that to us? Couldn't he just make us Virtuous People? or Servants? or Justice Workers? or Better Husbands, Better Wives, Better Friends, Better Parents, Better Children? C'mon, Jesus, Fishers of Men? Of all the things we want Jesus to make us, Evangelist rarely appears on the list.

To the fourth estate, Evangelist equals (at least) someone who will say something outrageous when tragedy strikes. To us it means something else. What's that?

Tomorrow, tomorrow,
I'll tell you tomorrow.
I'm only go-ing halfway.
(I hate it when bloggers leave me hanging while they try to think up answers to the questions they raise for themselves)

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