Intermission: Dishonest accounts

Larry brought up an excellent point in his comment on yesterday's post.

Not every conversion account is honest. People exaggerate, embellish, twist, tweak, adjust and lie. I know this because I do those things.

I was IMing (along with partner-in-crime Aron Stephens) with some folks in a chatroom for atheists in the late 90's (back when you could visit a chat room without being hit on by pedophiles). Someone asked how we became Christians. Can you guess what story I told?

"After a thorough study of major religions, I came to the conclusion that following Jesus was the most logical decision possible." This was partially true. I had heard about several religions in class, but hadn't done anything that approximated a thorough study. I wanted my faith in Jesus to sound like it was grounded in rational study. I wanted them to think that anyone with these facts would have come to these conclusions.

Dishonest accounts like these are so dangerous. What if they had believed me (they didn't, but what if)? What if they undertook a study of major religions that paralleled my embellishment? They might have spent a lifetime running a course with no guaranteed intersection with the gospel. What I had received, I didn't pass on. I tried to give something better.

Let's be honest, folks. (Thanks again, Larry.)

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