Letter to Sherrie

Who helped you come to Christ?

At Large Group this week, we wrestled with the reality that we all were lost once. This reality is difficult to keep lodged in the forefront of our minds. As we move farther up and further into this faith in Christ, it's easy to lose touch with how we came to Christ. That's where this comes in...

We asked folks to write a letter or a note to someone who's had a significant spiritual impact in their lives. Here's my letter:

Dear Sherrie,

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say "Thanks" for the spiritual impact you've had in my life. I've been thinking a lot recently about key moments in my relationship with God and you were the person God used in, what appears to me as, the key moment.

Somehow, you ended up teaching Sunday School to the 6th graders at Lake Mag. I remember being in your class and being afraid. I had heard that God was angry and that he would punish us for our sins. I think I expected Sunday School teachers to go and do likewise.

You surprised me, Sherrie. You surprised me by being kind and by caring about me. With a big family, I often faded into the background to get out of everyone's way, but that never happened in your class. You asked about my family, showed interest in my interests and encouraged me to speak up as we talked about God and his word. I think you might have even prayed for me from time to time.

I wasn't prepared for that kind of care and attention from someone working at church. But that wasn't the biggest surprise. I still remember the day you sat us down in a circle in a long, skinny room and told us that the reason Jesus died for us was that he loved us. I had never heard that before. And I believed you. And I still believe you.

I know you've had hundreds of kids pass through your youth groups over the years, and, if you're anything like me, you wonder from time to time who you've impacted. Sherrie, what you did for me was so special and I'm so grateful.

I seems like every week I get to share with my students what you shared with me: God loves us and died for us that we might have life in him. Thank you so much for giving me good news to share and believe.

I really hope that things are going well with you and Robert and the boys. I'm really grateful for you and for the role God's given you in my life. Thanks again!

In Christ,

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