Our God is a Needy God (He reigns - if you can call it that - in heaven above)

We serve a needy God.

He needs our praise and our worship, according to some songs. He needs us to give him money, according to some (he makes the point by 1:02, cut it there). Oh yeah...and he needs us to share the gospel because he can't do it himself, according to some.

If only our God wasn't so puny!

But then again, if our God wasn't puny, it'd be a lot more difficult preaching an evangelism series. A God who was sovereign and active and involved would make a conversation about evangelism very complicated.

That God would lead me to ask "Why does he include me?" or "Why doesn't everybody get to hear?" Fortunately, I don't have to ask those difficult questions. I already know the answers.

God includes me in the sharing of the gospel because his admiration of free will makes it so that he can't interfere with folks directly. He includes me because his purity is such that one word from him would cause the brains of the pagans to implode (my new-birth regeneration renders me immune to holiness-implosions, doubters). And, lastly, he includes me because he needs someone who understands the culture.

As to why everybody doesn't get to hear, it's pretty complicated. All you need to know is that if God could, he would tell them all himself. He is so loving, our precious, little Deity! Oh yeah...and free will (that needs to show up in the answer somewhere...no one can challenge 'free will' in a theological conversation).

Some might challenge my perception of our needy God. But they'd better wait until after the evangelism series. I mean, if we start talking about God-the-evangelist, we might lose our motivation to go out there and share, share, share.

We need to carry the ball. It's our time. Hang in there, Little Buddy (that's what I like to call God when I'm helping him out). We're on our way!

[I really hope you caught the sarcasm...otherwise, this post is going to seem really ridiculous]

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