Why is the new how

How deeply does your "why" impact your "how"?

I've written a bit already about the how/why relationship. Recently, I've been very aware that "How is not the same as why" when it comes to evangelism. The story of how I became a Christian may or may not convince you to follow Jesus. And that's okay.

But the how/why relationship is important.

If you look at how most of us do evangelism, what would you guess about our whys? Would "following Jesus" get guessed?

Did you realize that you can share something that sounds a lot like the gospel of Jesus without really mentioning Jesus?

A loving God created the world and everything in it, including human beings. We humans have rebelled against God, sinned and broken the world and everything in it, including ourselves. But our God is a loving God. Through the cross we can be restored to right relationship with him, be forgiven and see healing to come to the world and everything in it, including human beings. If you ask God for forgiveness and trust in faith alone (not your good deeds), you will be saved. No Jesus.

Many of our evangelistic methods reveal deep flaws in our understanding of why we do evangelism. Here's my hit-list for the week:

1) Tract bombardment
2) Massive crusades
3) Apologetic debate

These "hows" don't account for our main "whys". And why is the new how. If you get "why" right, if "why" is crystal clear in your mind, you'll end up with a different set of "hows". Dean Miller says "Theology drives ethics." Gary Deddo says "Imperatives follow indicatives." I guess I say "Whys lead to hows" at least today.

Why is the new how.

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