God wants our community to be about mercy, not sacrifice

What is the Christian community known for?

This is a tricky question. Ask the average person (as some researchers did in the book unChristian) and he might say "Hypocrites who are obsessed with politics, irrelevant, and hate gays for some strange reason." But then again, so many folks - when rough stuff happens in their life - turn to God and the Christian community. Churches were full on September 11th.

The community God's raising up at W&L, especially through GCF, is a community that is marked by mercy, compassion, and love. We forgive each other. We're patient with each other. We give each other second and third and 539th chances.

We follow Jesus. Jesus was all about mercy. And he demonstrated this beautifully in his interaction with Matthew.

Check out the audio from tonight's talk:

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