Is this my best news?

How do we decide who to share the gospel with?

It's easy to pass over this difficulty, to say "We share with everyone" or "We share with whomever we can." But is that true? It's not for me.

Today I talked with a mentor, two waitresses at Redwood, a pastor, four faculty members, two GCF students, an IV Advancement Director, a youth leader from church, a server at Wendy's (the really nice one) and my wife. I don't know that I really shared the gospel with any of them. I mean, Bill and I talked about Jesus during our mentoring time and the faculty guys and I talked about Jesus during our lunch, but I wouldn't count those as evangelistic conversations.

Is this just me? Am I the only one who isn't sharing the gospel with everyone? Am I doing something significantly wrong?

Jesus tells us not to cast pearls before swine, but I don't know anyone I'd consider "swine." I mean, not really.

In fact, the last person I shared the gospel with (not counting preaching) was a guy I was visiting in the hospital. And he's a follower of Jesus! I shared the gospel with him because it was the best news I had to share with him. He was hurting, physically and emotionally, and I didn't know what else to say.

And I think I stumbled upon something. What if the gospel wasn't just for non-Christians? What if the gospel was the best news we knew? What if the gospel was still the best news we knew even when we're in a Christian context? What would happen if we started sharing the gospel with each other?

I think it would be easier to talk about the good news with folks who've never heard it if we regularly talk about it with people who already believe it. Maybe the reason I don't share the gospel more often is because I believe it's only news for people who are definitely not Christians and you can't always tell by lookin' at them.

I need to dig around in this a bit. How do I decide who to share the gospel with? Is this my best news?

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