Marvelling at God in DC

Is 13 an unlucky number? I hope not. Thirteen of us are going to Washington DC tomorrow to "go as servants where we would normally only go as tourists" and to marvel at how God is currently caring for the poor through the church.

College students have almost unlimited options as to how they could spend their breaks. But these folks have decided to spend their time with the Christian community, serving the poor, connecting with God.

And I'll be there too.

So, we're going to have shorter, written-in-advance blog posts until Wednesday. I'll be sharing a bit about what I've been thinking through and what I'm hoping to teach over the course of the week.

As with all missions trips, who knows what will actually happen? God, yeah, he probably knows. That's actually very comforting right about now.

--- And yes, I used the awkward word 'marvel' in order to juxtapose Marvel and DC...I'm a nerd, there's nothing I can do about it (as far as I know) ---

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