Short post: apologetics

I felt so bad about breaking Stephen Hulme's foot that I took up apologetics.

Now, that's not exactly the way it worked, but it's surprisingly close. My boss Joe jokes from time to time that apologetics is how men adjust to not being able to wrestle like little boys anymore. Why do I love apologetics?

And this is where we're getting closer to Thursday's talk and the stuff I've been wrestling with over the last month. Why is it that apologetic arguments rarely convince people to follow Jesus?

Because I love apologetics, this is going to take a couple of days to unpack.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the positive contribution.
Wednesday, we'll talk about why we need something more.

Tonight, I'm going to bed. Short post!


  1. CS Lewis said that the main reason we need good theology is because so much bad theology is current. Likewise, we need apologetics to counter all the baseless and ridiculous claims against the Faith that, unchallenged, would pass for (excuse the pun) "gospel."

  2. Right. Apologetics can keep us anchored in our historic, orthodox faith. So many of the current challenges to Christianity have been answered in triplicate generations ago.