We share because God cares

Doing a heart inventory of the reasons why I share the gospel was very revealing. So often, I share because I feel obligated (and guilty because I haven't already). This motivation leads to me doing the minimum it takes to meet the obligation (and assuage the guilt).

This principle is almost always at work. When obligation and guilt become primary motivators, minimum performance without enthusiasm flourishes.

But what if there were other reasons to share the gospel?

I mentioned some of them yesterday, particularly the idea the God deserves to be praised.

At Large Group tonight, I wrestled with Luke 17 and the concept that we share the gospel because God cares about people. In the passage, you see him caring about the people he's healing and inviting the disciples to care about them as well. What if we saw evangelism as a sign of our God-given care for our non-Christian friends? If I didn't care, I wouldn't share.

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