We should care about people

Luke 16:19-31

"They will not be convinced, even if someone rises from the dead." Spoiler alert. Thanks, Jesus.

A wide chasm (like the Gap, only larger) separates paradise from hell, the side of Abraham from the place of torment. Perhaps the only chasm wider is the chasm between the place of the living and the place of the dead.

The rich man (who gets no name) and the poor man (Lazarus) end up on either side of this chasm. And this passage proves difficult.

Do the rich go to hell? Do the poor get a free pass?

This isn't a passage on soteriology, it's a passage on justice and repentance.

The rich man wasn't right with God. The only evidence we have of that is that he ended up in the place of torment. How could we know while he was alive? Well...he wore fancy clothes and ate well while a man was laid at his gate, hungry and clothed in sores. He missed a great opportunity to "go and do likewise" (as we saw yesterday).

What opportunities do we miss?
Where are there Lazarus' in our lives?
Who do we need to notice?

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