Dating the Bible

Monday night is Date Night for us. Last Monday we went to Roanoke to see a movie and eat at Humble Pie. Great night. I love dating my wife.

I hate dating the Bible.

That could mean a coupla different things:
1) I'm ready to pop the question and commit to the book
2) I don't enjoy the conversations about when it was written.

These things are intricately linked. The earlier the book was written, the more likely I am to want to trust and believe it (generally, but it can be more complex than that).

Think about it.

An event happens. Two books are written about this event. One of these books was written a few days after the event. Another was written a decade later. Which book do you think would best catch the details? Oh, but it's more complex than that.

Which book do you think would best catch the significance of the event? Now, that's very tricky. Sometimes, perspective serves as a filter. More significant features stick and the rest fall away.

Dating becomes significant and complex. It can mean many different, counter-intuitive and exclusive things.

This is worth reflecting on more deeply.

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