Missing Large Group

I miss one Large Group every semester. I hate missing Large Group. To use the word differently, I miss Large Group. I missed Large Group tonight.

Something special is happening on our campus and in our community. While I've been blogging and thinking and talking about vulnerability, folks in our community have been living it out.

Someone who shared during the missions trip de-brief hates public speaking. Someone else knew hardly anyone in the room. Someone took a risk that their sharing would be misunderstood, would come off as preachy, would offend.

We live vulnerable lives in our community. That is special.

I'm off in Texas at our once-every-three-years Latino Staff Conference. Guess what we talked about today? Money. Fundraising. Vulnerability.

The high point of our session today, for me, was when my friend Naty shared a story about one of her donors. This elderly man has been her advocate in ministry for almost a decade, has provided for her financially and asked others to give. And this 72 year old man is instrumental in bringing college students to Jesus.

Naty made herself vulnerable, allowed herself to depend on this man and his connections to provide financially for her ministry and, as a result, this man feels wildly blessed.

Do we deny people opportunities to be blessed when we refuse to pursue vulnerability?

Can you imagine the missions trip de-brief without vulnerable sharing?
Can you imagine impersonal financial askes in Christian communities?
Can you imagine God's people living risk adverse lives?
I bet you can. I know you can.

But that's not the future you want to see, is it?

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