Notes from tonight's talk

So, Becca shared powerfully tonight about the important relationship between trust and truth. Due to the vulnerable nature of some of her content, we won't be posting the full audio of the talk, but I'll post my notes below and, hopefully, we'll get to do an interview with her on the topic for the podcast later this week.

Notes from Crossing barriers with our friends
We must deal with broken trust as we invite our friends into the spiritual places in our lives

Trust vs. Truth
- Truth walks across the bridge of Trust
- We must work to rebuild the bridge of Trust
- To do this, we must...
--- 1) be committed to the relationship
--- 2) assume that some mistrust has creeped in somewhere
--- 3) go to the hard places

There are questions behind some of the questions people ask (trust before truth): Why did God allow this to happen to me? Where was he? Does he care?

See how Jesus built trust, a dip into John 4
- Barriers of distrust standing between the woman and Jesus
--- 1) Male/Female - guys in that culture didn't talk to gals
--- 2) Jew/Samaritan - Jews did not associate with Samaritans
--- 3) Past sin - "Go call your husband"...fear of judgement
--- 4) Low social status - alone at the well in the heat of the day
- Jesus was aware of this barrier of distrust
- Jesus rebuilds broken trust

A case study...the problem of suffering
- Trust issue
--- Philosophical angle: if God is powerful, why does he allow evil?
--- Personal angle: where was God when I was suffering?
- Assume there's a personal angle in there somewhere
- The truth: God doesn't explain evil but he does respond to it
--- 1) by experiencing it himself
--- 2) by defeating it...which gives us hope

Having a friend who was willing to build trust made all the difference

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