On building trust

Jesus built trust masterfully. But he didn't build trust with everybody.

In the passage Becca talked about, Jesus built trust with an unnamed Samaritan woman with a complex past. Just a few chapters later, Jesus teaches some super-complex, super-controversial material and we hear this:
From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.

Jesus could build trust, but he didn't seem to do it with everybody. He ticked off the Herodians, alienated the Pharisees, disappointed the Zealots, provoked the Sadducees, and snubbed the Scribes. The list of people who didn't like Jesus was, to quote Rick, "long and distinguished."

This is a struggle for me. I want to build trust with everybody I can. Rapport is like air to me. This isn't people-pleasing, it's connecting.

But Jesus didn't do that. He built trust with particular people even at the expense of losing trust with others. How often did his trust-building activity break trust with a bystander? You don't have to flip long through the gospels to see this happening over and over again.

What does this mean for us? Perhaps nothing. We're called to do what Jesus would have us to do, not necessarily to do what he did himself. If he wants us to be universally trusted, then I can breathe my sigh of relief and continue on. If he calls us to another way, then...

I'm going to struggle with a desire to build trust with the wrong people. The people Jesus built trust with aren't the people I naturally gravitate toward. (What would I talk to a random Samaritan woman about?) I have some unlearning to do. If I don't, I might have some 'splaining to do.

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