One for all (speaking)

There is an interesting word that pops up three times in Galatians: "pantes" which means "all."

In chapter 1, verse 2, Paul sends greetings from πάντες who are with him. In chapter 3, Paul reminds the Galatians that they are πάντες God's children through faith in Christ Jesus and that they are πάντες One in Christ Jesus.

"All" can mean "every single one" or "some of all sorts." In these circumstances, it seems more like πάντες means every single one, all-inclusive.

The notion of "all" is a hard notion. I keep going back and forth with it. On one hand, I'd love for every single student at W&L to have a meaningful opportunity to connect with Jesus and with a Small Group. On the other hand, providing everyone with a meaningful opportunity doesn't necessarily entail connecting everyone to Jesus. It just means providing opportunities to some of all sorts who could pass those opportunities along. The mission here might be finished before our InterVarsity community has 1777 people in it.

"All" is a hard word. Paul is placing the force of the entire community behind him in his blistering assault. This is a letter from all of us. Was all of the community in agreement with him? Did they all back his words?

How can one of us really and truly speak for all of us?

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