Where He is, there we may also be

The Resurrection means that where He is, there we may also be.

Mark 16 opens with a trio of women who wanted to be with Jesus. He had been crucified and buried and taken away from them. He lived a perfect life and they must have known they weren't perfect. They may have expected to never really be with him again. But they could take care of his corpse, honoring what was left of him before decay set in.

These women wanted to be with Jesus, but they didn't know who he was...yet. They expected to find him dead. We, who know who he is, know that they weren't going to find a body in that grave. How could the grave hold him?

His resurrection opened up new possibilities. We can be with Him now. Death doesn't have to separate us from him. Not now, while we stand in the place of life. Not in the future, when we move to the place of death. His resurrection makes it possible for us to be with him now and to be with him in the future. Praise God!

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