Someone is behind this

So, I was going to write a little bit about Luther's "sin boldly" concept tonight, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

Tonight, I got a call from one of our Small Group leaders. I'm surrounded by people who instinctively seem to know how to connect God's word with the lives of the people they're leading. I think Someone is behind this.

My Small-Group-leading friend, hanging out with a bunch of freshmen women, honed in on the David and Goliath story out of 1 Samuel. As she shared what the Small Group got from the passage, I could feel my jaw incrementally dropping. I've preached on David and Goliath a half a dozen times over the years and I'd never noticed some of this stuff. Some of it was really central to the bigger story. Some of it connected eerily with my story.

This isn't a rare occurrence for me. I remember the first time Joe connected Daniel 1 with the college freshman experience. I remember Mallory and Hilary's study of Galatians. I remember Nikki leading us through Ephesians 2. Clicks and snaps.

God's word is beautiful. Today is one of those days when I can see myself reading the Bible for the rest of my life and never getting bored.

How can familiar territory continue to surprise me? I just noticed a shiny spot on our front door today, a place where someone touched up the paint. I've been through that door thousands of times over the last four years and I never noticed that spot.

God's word is becoming familiar territory for me, but that doesn't empty it of its capacity to delight. Despite the saying, familiarity does not breed contempt. In fact, the more familiar it becomes, the more capacity it has to create delight. When a passage like the David and Goliath passage connects with my life today, this hour, it's stunning. How can something that familiar be that relevant?

Someone is behind this.

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