Word of God, Word of Men

Inspiration is 99% perspiration and 100% God.

One of the big struggles when we think about the Bible is how it can be both "the word of God" and "written by men."  Most of us don't want there to be any perspiration associated with our Bibles.

The biblical doctrine of inspiration is wildly unique in the realm of sacred scriptures.  The two others with which I'm most familiar approximate it, but don't even come close.

Adherents to Islam believe that Allah's exact words are captured in the Koran (passed without error through the angel Gabriel and Muhammad).  Muhammad passed these words along to a small group of men who passed them along over and over again.  Eventually, they started writing the words down.  Muhammad was a scribe.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe that Joseph Smith found the plates containing the text of the Book of Mormon (with the help of God, Jesus and some angels).  Joseph Smith then translated the plates (with the help of some God-given implementation).  Joseph Smith was a translator.

But the Bible claims that it's authors are authors.  We believe that Luke wrote Luke.  We don't push for him to be the scribe or the translator, but the author.

In what sense, then, is the Bible the word of God?  If the Bible is just the word of Men, why should it have a prominent place in Small Group?

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